Sarah Liberman is a One-Woman-Show boutique studio specializes in Visual Communication: 

> Graphic and Typographic Design

> Culinary Art and Creative

> Food Photography

> Social Media

The studio has developed a unique visual language for food photography‫,‬ food design (styling), culinary content development for the social media, and short culinary stop-motion videos production for companies engaged in culinary, restaurants and chefs, specially adapted for the social media.


The studio also specializes in graphic and typographic design of complex printed matters such as‫:‬ Logos, books, brochures, posters, etc. The graphic design focuses mainly on culture oriented fields as academia, publishing, theater, dance and music. The design work emphasis on quality typography, content & design fluency, and respect for the written word.


The studio was founded by Sarah Liberman in 2008 -  highly experienced design professional, culinary creative and visual culture researcher (and an aspiring cook...). Own a unique way in combining creativity and design with business, management and interpersonal skills‫.‬


B.Des‫.‬, graduated with honors from the Visual Communication Department ‫ at‬ Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem, and M.A., at the Interdisciplinary Program in the Arts‫ at Tel Aviv University.

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